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Basic Features * Efficient document scanning * Sophisticated user interface * Parallel processing with high throughput * Save documents to PDF Compatible Scanners * Almost all scanners or MFD (Multi Function Device) in use today * Flatbad scanners * Middle-rande and High-End scanners with feeder, duplex scanners * Twain 1.9 * WIA drivers - V1 (Windows XP) and V2 (Windows Vista/7) Batch scanning * Scan more documents at one time * Separation sheets - automatic detection of the new document * Blank page detection - blank pages are detected and removed from further processnig Image Enhancement eDocuments Scan is using several optimalization techniques to achieve the best document quality and minimize the size of the document, such as the following: * Smast Quality Control - the application automatically selects the most suitable compression and other settings for the scanned document, however the image is still available in other compression levels and user can select another one. * Adaptive threshold - a technique to preserve the readability of the text when converting the image to the black-and-white format. * Deskew - detection of the inclination of the scanned image and its automatic correction. * Post-scanning operations - e.g. the rotation function can be applied to every scanned image. * User modules - custom modules can be add, e.g. to remove specific background. Supported Formats * Support of many common file formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, etc.) * Industry standard TIFF compressions: CCITT T.6 (Group 4), CCITT T.3, LZW, JPEG * Save documents to PDF

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